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Psychosocial Hazard Awareness Training

This workshop is designed to increase awareness of psychosocial hazards in the workplace and equip participants with the knowledge and skills to identify, prevent, and manage psychosocial hazards. It will cover the legal obligations of employers and employees under the Work Health and Safety Act, as well as risk management strategies, prevention and control strategies, and support measures for employees affected by psychosocial hazards. Read more

Upcoming Dates:
10 Sep 2024 BOOK NOW 3 Dec 2024 BOOK NOW

WHS / OHS for Managers & Supervisors

This workshop provides Managers and Supervisors with the necessary skills and knowledge to participate effectively in Work Health and Safety matters at their workplace. The foundation of this course is based on the practical application of the Safety Legislation, including roles and responsibilities.  Read more

Upcoming Dates:
 23 Jul 2024 BOOK NOW22 Aug 2024 BOOK NOW10 Sep 2024 BOOK NOW17 Oct 2024 BOOK NOW19 Nov 2024 BOOK NOW05 Dec 2024 BOOK NOW

WHS / OHS Awareness

This course will provide a general induction to the Work Health and Safety legislation, processes and best practices for all PCBUs, Workers and Managers. It is specifically designed to provide participants with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Work Health and Safety legislation. Read more

Upcoming Dates:
03 Sep 2024 BOOK NOW02 Dec 2024 BOOK NOW

WHS Committee Training

Safety Committee Training

This course will enable new and current Safety Committee Members to identify and implement the legislative functions of the Committee, and will provide them with the skills and understanding to contribute to improved health and safety performance in their workplace through effective Committee participation. Read more

Upcoming Dates:
24 Jul 2024 BOOK NOW21 Aug 2024 BOOK NOW18 Sep 2024 BOOK NOW23 Oct 2024 BOOK NOW20 Nov 2024 BOOK NOW04 Dec 2024 BOOK NOW

Risk Management Training

This course will provide Managers, Supervisors and Workers with effective tools and methods for the identification of hazards and the assessment and control of risk. It will enable participants to apply the correct Risk Management principles to confidently and actively participate in the process of workplace Risk Management. Read more

Upcoming Dates:
15 Aug 2024 BOOK NOW | 15 Nov 2024 BOOK NOW


Due diligence for managers

Due Diligence for Officers & Senior Managers

This course provides Officers and Senior Managers with practical insight into the important roles within your organisation and legal obligations, prosecution risks and measures necessary to give full and proper effect to the Management responsibility requirements of your WHS Management System. Read more

Upcoming Dates:
08 Aug 2024 BOOK NOW | 21 Nov 2024 BOOK NOW

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Awareness

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Awareness

This course will raise awareness of bullying and harassment in the workplace and provide participants with an understanding of organisational policy and procedures. The course will also provide practical advice and empower participants to recognise and tackle this issue in the workplace.Read more

Upcoming Dates:
13 Aug 2024 BOOK NOW | 26 Nov 2024 BOOK NOW


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