Risk Management


Identifying hazards in the workplace and managing risk is an essential part of creating a safe work environment. Everyone has an obligation to identify and report potential hazards and adopt safe work practices in everything they do. Organisations with a good safety culture and efficient safety systems in place this becomes second nature.

Under OHS legislation or now known as workplace health & safety legislation, workers have a duty to ‘take reasonable care for your own health and safety while at work, and ensure your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons in your workplace’.

Hazards in the workplace can be managed by good risk management practices which should be incorporated into your safety systems. Good risk management practices involve identifying, assessing and controlling risk followed by a regular review of the controls that have been implemented.

How do you manage risk?  You cannot manage risk unless you are aware of all the potential workplace hazards. A compliance audit and risk assessment can help you to determine if your workplace practices are complying with OHS legislation and can be a pro-active way of preventing an accident or incident from occurring.  It is also a good opportunity to do a review of current safety training and ensure safe work practices are being carried out across your workplace.

Our experienced safety consultants will work with your organisation through the full risk management process or can be commissioned to conduct a risk assessment on a specific area of your workplace.  Once the workplace hazards have been identified, then your organisation can adopt a risk management approach to address priority hazards to ensure the safety of workers.

Our safety services include:

  • Compliance audits & practical advice to achieve compliance with OHS legislation
  • Risk Management Programs (Identify, Assess, Control & Review)
  • Review of current risk assessment process & protocols
  • Review of your business operations, structure, existing safety systems, safe work practices
  • Review safety training of employees

Working together with our safety consultants you can create a safe work environment with efficient safety systems and a safety culture where identifying and reporting workplace hazards becomes second nature.