WHS Outsourcing Service


The WHS Outsourcing Service has been developed to complement your internal resources or be the ‘part time’ WHS support you are looking for.

The goal of the WHS Outsourcing Service is to ensure:

  • Your WHS objectives are identified and met, such as work plans and reporting;
  • Access to advice and guidance from a highly skilled, qualified and experienced Safety Professionals;
  • Access and leverage to market leading system and procedure templates;
  • Improvement of the WHS culture and personal responsibility;
  • Demonstration of due diligence for officers of your organisation;
  • you can focus on your specialised fields of endeavour for great job satisfaction, safety and productivity.

The WHS Outsourcing Service is tailored to your organisation and will provide a continuity of service that is both flexible and economical relative to fixed hire equivalents. We will tailor an action plan aligned to your requirements. The plan can be for the purpose of a specific WHS project or for your long and short term objectives and deliverables such as:

  • The improvement and implementation of specific programs; or
  • The provision of internal training.

Visits or support can be scheduled at regular training intervals as agreed with you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. In accordance with the frequency of support, there will be regular reporting on the progress of your agreed WHS Outsourcing Service Plan. The WHS Outsourcing Service will assure momentum is continued on the compliance journey, whilst giving you the confidence that Work Health and Safety is being managed effectively at your workplace.

To find out how you can outsource your WHS needs, call us on 1300 585 128 or submit your online enquiry and we will call you back.