Safety News September 2023


September 2023

Issue 45


Working from home, is it a double edge sword?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work was being explored by some companies, but its adoption was relatively slow and limited. The pandemic forced employers to adapt to remote working conditions, and while this offers many benefits, it also comes with it’s own risks and challenges.




You can keep fighting fatigue, until you can’t

“These crops won’t harvest themselves“. SafeWork Victoria has a new emotional campaign aimed at rural workers which is narrated through the eyes of a son who has lost his father. We look at the signs of fatigue and some of the industries more prone to fatigue related injuries.




New powers for AHRC in December 2023

The Australian Human Right’s Commission’s (AHRC) Respect@Work report, led to major legislative reform with a shift from a complaints-based model to one where employers are required to take action. In December 2023, the AHRC will have new powers to ensure organisations and businesses meet the Positive Duty requirements.




Inadequate sleep is costing Australia billions

It can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, which is especially true for Australia’s 100,000-plus resources workers who work fly-in fly-out rosters. Previous research has found FIFO shift workers are particularly sleep-deprived and at risk of developing sleep disorders, so ECU is investigating what can be done to improve workers’ wellbeing.




Changes to Offences and Penalties – 2023

Amendments have been made to the model WHS Act and model WHS Regulations, including how WHS penalty provisions are expressed, increasing penalty amounts and providing for the indexation of penalty amounts. The Model Work Health and Safety Legislation Amendment (Offences and Penalties) 2023 is now available to view on the Safe Work Australia website.




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