Short Safety Films

In November 2015, Worksafe QLD released 6 new short films which are a great resource for businesses and individuals. The films cover a range of safety issues from driver safety, heavy vehicles and trailers through to young workers.

 Young Workers WorkSafe QLD The right start: shaping a culture of safety for young workers 
This film provides scenarios that follow two young workers during their day and highlights the difference between an effective and ineffective supervisor role. It also includes interviews with industry leaders on how they are actively engaging with their young workers to keep them safe today and develop them in to future leaders in health and safety.
safely securing loads trucks WorksafeQLD  Safely securing loads of trucks
Securing truck loads using over-centre tensioning devices (known as ‘dogs’) with extension or ‘cheater’ bars is dangerous. The film explains how to control the risks when securing loads on trucks using safer devices. 
  Safe systems to immobilise heavy vehicles and trailers
The film shows how to safely immobilise trucks and trailers to prevent your workers being crushed or hit while working on them or nearby.
Prevent falling from trucks WorkSafeQLD  Preventing workers falling from trucks
Falls from trucks are a serious risk for workers. The film shows how, with the right controls in place it can reduce the risk of a fall for your workers.
  Managing your drivers’ safety at delivery points
Transport drivers are exposed to various risks and site-specific hazards when they make deliveries to unfamiliar sites or when the site conditions change. The film identifies ways to control the risks to prevent an injury to your workers.
Influencing supply chain WorkSafeQLD  Influencing the supply chain through partnerships
Regson Fabrication is a small steel fabrication business with a strong commitment to workplace health and wellbeing. The Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital site is one of their larger projects, where they have influenced Lendlease and subcontractors with their health and wellbeing initiatives. Nicky McMillan, owner and Director of Regson Fabrication, shares her passion for creating a healthy workforce in the construction industry. She discusses the driving force behind her initiatives as well as the outcomes for her business and employees.

To download a copy of these films, please visit the WorkSafe QLD website.

Source: WorkSafe QLD, November 2015