Good Attracts Good


Written by Robert Keft, 1 May 2013

I couldn’t help but reflect on the recent passing of a dear auntie.

Auntie Win had a very interesting life. Her beloved mother died when she was six years old and was sent to live with her auntie and uncle. Unfortunately her five other siblings were sent to different relatives.

Most of us would say that was a tough start to a life, however she was very much loved by her new family even though times were hard during the depression. She married young and had a little boy which she needed to raise on her own for the first few years as my uncle volunteered and joined the army during the war years.

He was gone for 4 long years before returning to join Auntie Win and raise their family. Auntie Win and Uncle Les owned 2 businesses and always worked hard to give their 2 sons a loving and warm family environment.

When I went to stay with them during the school holidays their home was always warm, comfortable, smelt of home cooking and filled with arts and crafts. Her warm smile and positive attitude is the memory everyone has of Auntie Win.

The last time I visited her in the retirement home she spoke so positively of her life and of those she loved.

You see, I think too many of us make excuses for why things may not have turned out the way we think they should have, but Auntie Win never made excuses she just lived her life the best she could and had an enormous positive impact on all those people involved in her life.

She was indeed a very good person and the lesson she taught me is that the law of attraction really does exist. Good deeds attract other good deeds, a smile attracts another smile, a thank you attracts gratitude and good people attract good people.

Yes, I can’t help but to believe that good really does attract good.