Safety Services

WHS Gap Analysis
Although there have been significant changes to workplace health & safety (WHS) laws nationally, employers who currently comply with the various health and safety laws across Australia will be well on their way to compliance with the new regulatory system.

Risk Management
Identifying hazards in the workplace and managing risk is an essential part of creating a safe work environment. Everyone has an obligation to identify and report potential hazards and adopt safe work practices in everything they do. Organisations with a good safety culture and efficient safety systems in place this becomes second nature.

Contractor management
Can be a very challenging area for organisations to manage and your obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation are not absolved because you have engaged the services of a contractor. It is important that contractors have a clear understanding of what is required while on site at your workplace and that they have their own robust safety policy and safety procedures in place.

Audiology Services
Noise is a major workplace health and safety hazard and under WHS legislation, workers must be protected from the risk of hearing loss. Hazardous noise can destroy the ability to hear clearly, making it more difficult to hear sounds necessary for working safely such as instructions or warning signals.